Without footrest, legs dangling, what are the effects on your child ?

Anxiety, agitation, tension of the ligaments of the knee, numbness in the lower limbs. When the legs are hanging: the pelvis tilts forward, the back is hollow, the legs advance and descend painfully to the void, creating a feeling of insecurity, agitation and anxiety. After a few minutes, by reflex, your child will then feel the need to move his legs, cross them, or will kick the front seat.

As an adult, how can we imagine and feel these effects ?

Have you ever had a drink or meal sitting on a bar chair without being able to put your feet on the footrest? The result, within 10 minutes, victim of numbness in the leg, you will feel the need to get back up to stretch your legs in order to revitalize the blood circulation. Yet it is in this uncomfortable position that our children travel by car, and only in the car. Because in practice, the footrest, essential, are included on all accessories or devices for children such as strollers, high chairs, etc … We take care to choose the device that will provide the best comfort to our children, always except in the car. Because until now, no footrest device has been invented to remedy and respond to this real need.

What are the benefits of the FootUp footrest ?

The legs are comfortably rested on the FootUp footrest, at an optimal and tailor-made height chosen by your child.

The basin tilts back. Tensions in the legs, knees and lumbar are released. The blood circulation becomes normal, thus avoiding the sensation of numbness and pain in the legs. A MAINTAINED SITTING POSITION provides a feeling of SAFETY, COMFORT and promotes the feeling of WELLNESS.

Awarded by the French Society of Exercise Medicine and Sport for the benefits provided, FootUp releases tension and promotes the natural sitting posture. The FootUp footrest device allows your child to enjoy his drive, watch a movie, play, read, sleep and relax, safely.