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Agitation, numbness in the legs... Without footrest, legs hanging, what are the effects on your child ?

 Anxiety, Agitation, Lower back pain, Tension in the knee joint, Numbness in the lower limbs. According to each child, the lack of support for the legs causes different physical and behavioral phenomena. When the legs are pendulous: the pelvis tilts forward, the back is hollow, and worn by gravity, the legs advance and descend painfully to the void, creating a feeling of insecurity, agitation and harm -be. After a few minutes, by reflex, your child will then feel the need to move his legs, change his position (cross-legged), or will kick in the front seat.

enfant sans repose-pied, jambes croisées, pieds contre le dossier avant
As Parents, how can we imagine and feel these effects ?

Have you ever had a drink or meal sitting on a bar chair without being able to put your feet on a footrest? It is very unpleasant and uncomfortable. The result: within 10 minutes, you will feel restless leg and need to get back up to stretch your legs and revitalize blood circulation. Yet it is in this uncomfortable position that our children travel by car, and only in the car. Because in practice, footrests are essential and are included on all accessories or devices for children such as strollers, high chairs, etc … When this is not the case, for example children’s furniture, they are studied to allow the feet to rest on the ground. We, Parents, take care to choose the device that will provide the best comfort to our children, always, except in the car. Because until now, no footrest device was invented to remedy and respond to this real need.

enfants sans repose-pieds siège auto, jambes pendantes
What are the benefits of FOOTUP footrest ?

The legs are comfortably rested on the FOOTUP footrest, at an optimal and tailor-made height chosen by your child. The basin tilts back. Tensions in the legs, knees and lower back are released. The blood return becomes normal again, avoiding the sensation of tingling and pain in the legs. A MAINTENED SITTING POSITION offers a feeling of SAFETY, COMFORT and promotes the feeling of WELL-BEING. Awarded by the French Society of Medicine for the benefits brought by the use of this child car seat accessory, FOOTUP releases tension and promotes natural sitting posture. The FOOTUP footrest device allows your child to enjoy his journey, watch a movie, play, read, sleep and relax, safely, in all serenity.

  enfants assis sur siège auto avec repose-pied Footup

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From 3 to 10 Years Old and/or 80 Pounds